Decorating services

Painting Place decorators are experienced in applying special finishes like glazing or marbled textures, or applying stencil effects, besides measuring, cutting and pasting wallpapers with precision and skill.

We have completed numerous decorating projects in properties throughout south London and are happy to also advise on interior decoration and design requirements.

Colours and fabrics

Painting Place Colour Consultation

Too much choice or don’t know where to start?

It can feel totally overwhelming to choose from varieties of paint brands, colours and colour schemes?

We can help you to visualise your dream interior without the stress!

Step 1

Pre assessment phone call

Step 2

Assessing your space, understanding your vision and personal style and selecting your potential colour palettes.

Step 3

Painting Place Colour Consultation will provide you with a written specification detailing your chosen colour palette, wall paper design and paint finishes.

Step 4

Option 1
Painting Place can undertake your interior and exterior painting and decorating service with our professional female team who collectively have over 25 years experience. We can provide a detailed quote which is valued for three months.

Option 2
Our specification can be handed to your painter and decorator or project manager, ensuring the paint colours, wallpaper design and finishes are correctly ordered.

Achieving your perfect colour scheme.

Painting Place’s Colour Consultation service has been designed for your interior or exterior, private or commercial properties. We advise on a variety of styles and periods: modern, traditional, contemporary and classic, or a clever combination to achieve your perfect colour scheme.

For commercial properties we can provide a bespoke look to suit the rooms function, and also create a mood to reflect your personality.

Our consultant will suggest a range of options for your interior design project/s, making sure that your fabrics, flooring, walls, woodwork, artwork, soft furnishing, etc all work together in tonal harmony, creating your ideal space.

Our consultants will visit you in person at home or on site. We will advise you on preparation and choosing the right paint finish.

Colour Palettes that reflect your living style and vision

Our consultants have expert artistic knowledge, design flair and colour know-how, they are passionate about creating harmonious living spaces and synergy into interiors.

Our aim is to guide you through all stages and allow the process of making decisions exciting and stress free. Whether it’s simply choosing colours to complement your fabrics and style. Trust in our consultants who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to create a bespoke palette for you.

Our skilled consultants come to you equipped with a variety of samples. Advising you on a wide range of colour pathways to best suit your vision, identifying small details sometimes over looked when considering a colour scheme for a whole room or larger project.

After our visit your colour consultant will ensure every necessary detail is included in your written specification and advising you on the next step. Creating a plan going forward at your own pace. Your colour journey with us is a collaborative one, the start of a process, and we are here to guide you to completion.

Booking your appointment

Please book an appointment using our Colour Consultation Form

We shall get back to you at the earliest convenience to get you started on your colour journey. Firstly, you will receive a preassessment questionnaire to help us understand more about your space ahead of the colour consultancy.

Painting Place Colour Consultancy Prices:

£250 1- 2 hours consultation.
£350 2-4 hours consultation.
£450 4-6 hours consultation.

(additional travel and parking expenses will apply).

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Fara painted several tricky rooms in our house, plus she undertook some exterior work. It was all to a high finish, within the agreed timescale and budget. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
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